My Surprise Baby

Nine years ago Craig and I were content with our family life having just moved home from a year of living in the UK and traveling Europe with our three young sons. After that adventure we felt like we could manage our lives with three boys easily and comfortably. The future looked like a smooth ride … Continue reading My Surprise Baby

Guardian Angel

Lucy patrols our home. Any unusual sound that penetrates the house alerts her to trot to the window and survey the surroundings for possible danger. If I feel like instigating her further a little breathy “woof” from me will send her into full alert. She’ll woof/growl back to let me know she’s got it under … Continue reading Guardian Angel

My Garden Spot

You must know by now Lucy follows me wherever I go and waits patiently for me to finish doing whatever I’m doing in hopes that it will end in a walk, treat, or car ride for her. She’s not hard to please. Here, however she was slightly distressed because we were separated by garden so … Continue reading My Garden Spot

Uganda Africa

One week from today I will join a team of eight with our missions Pastor, Omar Garcia, from our church and we will travel to Kampala Uganda. Our objective is to work at the Comforter Center where women go to receive support and education for choosing to have their baby rather than have an abortion.  … Continue reading Uganda Africa


  As a teenager and in college I was much too self involved to know how to be a good friend. I suppose this is understandable considering my dance schedule and the emotional issues I managed after my parents divorce.  I turned in. I was a taker. I never knew how to give. Thankfully God … Continue reading Friendship