A bit of Uganda culture.

Mamas tie babies to their backs with a blanket, and it makes me melt every time I see one peacefully bob on her back while she goes about her work. This culture continues to capture my fascination and keep me captivated to better understand why people adapt different in ways according to the conditions where … Continue reading A bit of Uganda culture.

Courage is Contagious

I can’t think of one aspect of living in Uganda that feels odd to me now. I can bathe from a bucket, go without electricity, find no water when I turn on the faucet and sleep soundly under a mosquito net. I anticipate sights of people working along the road, always busy and hustling to … Continue reading Courage is Contagious

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the ladies who have ever loved a child, given care, sacrificed to make a difference in the life of a child, I thank God for you. When God created Kirabo Seeds, he didn’t choose an experienced business leader to develop the vision, he chose a MOTHER. It is my absolute privilege and honor to … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day