My baby woes.

Here I sit at the Honda dealership with my friend on my lap, unfortunately it is not the little girl I await to adopt from Uganda, but my minilaptop that seems to offer me a little diversion while doing my least favorite errand of all: car work. While I hooked up my blackberry to  get … Continue reading My baby woes.


Last Thursday morning I awoke with a certain panic that caused me to rush into a decision without praying for God’s direction. When paralyzed with fear and a sense of inadequacy it  isn’t a good time to make descisions or change plans. I should have prayed. Instead I told God this: “I’m definitely unprepared to teach … Continue reading Guilty.

The Fabulous Baker Boys

Remember that movie? The fabulous Baker boys? They were singers and fought over the affection of Michelle Pfeiffer. I have a different brand of Baker boys in my home this weekend. The story begins with the wonderful opportunity our three older boys have with their youth groups to go on Mission trips this summer. I … Continue reading The Fabulous Baker Boys