Gift Card Frenzy

My four sons have every reason  to stay in bed until 10:30 during winter break, unless they have a fistfull of gift cards causing their temporary insanity until they are exchanged for something that’s actually fun. A gift card is a promise for something fun. I’ve given a few. My boys received many and so for the only day  in my … Continue reading Gift Card Frenzy

Christmas Eve 2009

One decade ago I was 32, living in Cardiff, Wales and celebrating Christmas eve in Paris, France with Craig and our then three small children: Donny (8), Jordan (5) Kevin (2). While we were there the storm of the century shook Paris to the roots while we slept soundly in our hotel room, but not … Continue reading Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas in Uganda

The week after I returned from Uganda, Africa, Veronica stayed here with me. She runs the only pregnancy crisis clinic in all of Uganda. She counsels women not to get the abortion up the road from her place, but to choose learn about what the bible says about choosing life. Fourteen girls a day walk … Continue reading Christmas in Uganda