Man Points in Uganda

Donny and Jordan are now half way through their adventure in Uganda. They are learning to do everything from slaughter chickens, administer discipline, organize 17 children for school, cook on a charcoal stove, tutor school work, manage chores, teach bible devotions, lead staff meetings, and this week they are building a goat shed  and chicken … Continue reading Man Points in Uganda


Last week: A Wedding… fourth child missing at camp…whirlwind college tours in Manhattan with Kevin… horse nursing…horse babysitting for missing child…kirabo seeds work… tooth extraction… sons in Uganda earning man points… with all that I experienced last week, I pleasantly  looked at my empty calendar today and I feel like my cat: Continue reading Rest.


It’s quiet in my house. Where there should be five offspring now there are only two. The quietest, Kevin, and the noisiest, Kira. On Sunday Kira and I drove Jack to west Texas so he can have his “social binge” at Prude Ranch for three weeks. We put his trunk at the end of his … Continue reading Parenting


Before our sons departed for six weeks in Uganda we had many long talks about how they should approach this work. Donny, fresh with his business diploma in hand is eager to conquer all things organizational and structural. Jordan with his first year of college down and a wealth of ministry classes tucked in his … Continue reading Brotherhood