Redefining Impossible

Rob is showing the crowd how this game gets done. Paul couldn’t be bothered with this game. And Craig was, let’s just say, not on top of his game that day. So Rob took the trophy: “Sore and Sorry” the next day. This is one of Paul’s twins. FORGIVE ME cuz I really cannot keep … Continue reading Redefining Impossible

More beach fun

This is the real thing. No one posed these kids. They have goofy in common, in fact, it must be genetic. These are Dave’s kids, Amy’s kids, and ours. Sadly Don and Carol were moving from Ohio to SC the week of our reunion so we really missed having the kids included in the fun. … Continue reading More beach fun


Today Craig and I celebrate our ninteenth anniversary! Happily, we have safely arrived in Northern Michigan at my parents house on Lake Leelanau. Their house is  most likely the best restaurant in the area so we’ll be celebrating with family tonight maybe followed up by a sunset cruise on the lake. I share with you Craig’s … Continue reading Anniversaries

Farts are funny.

Ok. Forgive me but it’s true. So we make great fun of it at my house, as the only girl in six I decided to join them rather than be trampled by them in the laughter that goes with gas. Jordan has a remote control fart machine which he used last year to confound the … Continue reading Farts are funny.