Mother’s Day

I enjoyed playing with my camera and capturing a few of my loves…not all those I love enjoy my camera pointed at them…so this isn’t a complete list…but it sure was nice to have so many that call me mama…all over this world. This is my horse Bear. He really is my best friend and … Continue reading Mother’s Day

virtual Crash Landing

I collapsed into the arms of my husband in the baggage claim of the San Antonio airport last night after countless hours in five airports and never ending stretches of time spent cramped on airplanes. I absorbed his warmth and strength as I received the familiar invitation to lean on him. Leaning on him is … Continue reading virtual Crash Landing

Baby Goats!

There is a book, “Beatrice’s Goat”, that tells the story of how one goat changed the survival of a Ugandan family by improving their earning income significantly. I love this book and share it with children as often as possible. Kirabo Seeds has been the thankful recipient of goats from people interested in seeing a … Continue reading Baby Goats!