Teen Drama

A good friend of mine told me something about my boys I hadn’t concluded myself. She said, one knows what he can do but not who he is. The other knows who he is but not what he can do. Whoa. She’s rather an expert on the teenage social life so she observes in ways … Continue reading Teen Drama

Books, or nook?

I think they called the electronic reader, “nook” simply because they took the first letter of the word nerd and placed the ook behind it. These things better not replace real books with pages and texture and weight. My whole life- since I taught myself to read before Kindergarten- I have read a book before … Continue reading Books, or nook?

Galveston, Texas

During Spring Break Craig and I left Donny in charge of the brothers, then we drove an hour to Galveston Island to relax for a day and night at the beach. They were thrilled with this arrangement. We gave them rare tattling privileges, which always works. All they wanted was 24 hours without jobs or … Continue reading Galveston, Texas

What good can I do?

I have mentioned I agreed  to lead a bible study in a Spanish community despite my beginner language skills. We have had four classes now, and I am eager to share a little of the story with you. There is a trailer park in our town where our church began to do a kidzclub bible program … Continue reading What good can I do?