Thanksgiving Day

I have not been disappointed with my appreciation and anticipation of this day. I didn’t have to work too hard. This is a meal I could prepare with my mind floating around on other matters. We had a relaxing morning, good exercise, and we made  a tidy house before the commencement of cooking. Turkey Lurkey … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day

It’s just gravy

It has been an enjoyable weekend, just as I hoped. I try not to have great expectations because that’s only a set up for a disappointment. While in Uganda I reminded everyone, “if we don’t have expectations we can’t be disappointed”. I hope to enjoy what comes my way, and if my plans follow through then I am … Continue reading It’s just gravy

Adoption update

This is Craig in his jammies mid morning. Thankfully he’s wearing a baseball cap to hide his bed head. He has his bible, computer, wallet, calculator and a stack of adoption application papers. He was so involved with his task, he had no idea I took this picture. We will provide our first round of papers … Continue reading Adoption update

Good Deeds

I simply couldn’t tolerate the tower of boxes and Christmas decorations that taunted me at the foot of our stairway yesterday. I could be convinced it spoke aloud: “See how behind you are! See how much work there is yet to do, and you aren’t even caught up on the other house and garden chores! … Continue reading Good Deeds