Less is more.

Last year this time we had just adopted our second Olde English Bulldogge from the same breeder in California we got Lucy, Rio Bravo Bulldogs. Carly arrived on a plane in a little crate. We worked very very hard with training her. And she was a handfull to house break.  But we fell for her…fast and … Continue reading Less is more.

Lost Soles

Ok. This is so funny I don’t even know what to say about it. When I was in Glen Arbor Michigan I strolled by this “totem pole” of lost soles. I did a double take and then aimed  my camera. That was the funniest public display of a problem I’ve seen in a while. When  people lose their … Continue reading Lost Soles

Daddy’s Girl

Last Thanksgiving my father and Audrey came to spend the week with us. It was really the first time since the boys were old enough to make solid memories that they had so much  time with them. We discovered how closely Jordan and my dad relate and respond in the same ways. They were an … Continue reading Daddy’s Girl

My Therapy Dog

Lucy officially started her “job” today. After training several months to become an official therapy dog she took a vacation before actually beginning her work. She was scheduled to visit the nursing home today. Getting her ready for it really is an ordeal. She needs a couple days practice with perfect obedience in public places. … Continue reading My Therapy Dog