Our Baylor Bear

We hadn’t seen our oldest son since Christmas so a month ago Donny and I determined to find a weekend where the whole family could visit him on campus, meet his friends, go to his church and of course supply his refrigerator. He ran a half marathon in the morning and met us for lunch. … Continue reading Our Baylor Bear

The search is on!

Friends out there, today I request your prayer and thoughts for our team in Uganda who are searching for the children who will be joining Kirabo Seeds Children’s Village. I just got the first short report from Phiona as they are traveling now. I feel a little numb, completely jealous that  I am not with … Continue reading The search is on!

A second home.

Craig’s connection with the beach and his annual family expedition to the Atlantic shores is when I first had the opportunity to fall in love with the ocean, the sand, the marine life, and the slower pace that comes with it. I fell hard for the ocean being one who grew up with access to … Continue reading A second home.