Dream it TRUE

When I write about Kirabo Seeds I like to be open, authentic and real. I can’t write if I have to reach through too many filters. And there are times when struggles and difficulties are so real that I just don’t know what I can say. So can I be honest? (aren’t I always?) I’m … Continue reading Dream it TRUE

You’ll Be In My Heart

The Thursday before Donny and Kelli’s wedding Kira had her first day of Kindergarten. When Donny was starting Kindergarten as my eldest child I was like all the mothers I saw in her room fussing about perfection, battling emotion, and holding on a little too tightly. It was such a monumental event full of emotion … Continue reading You’ll Be In My Heart

Every mama’s Hope

Since the day Craig and I welcomed Donny home from the hospital and devoted ourselves to raising him all we could hope is that some day his bride would honestly say this: more to come later, we are all in the first week of school and fighting colds…but we will share more soon! Continue reading Every mama’s Hope