We are in Uganda

After two nine hour flights with a short stop in London’s heathrow we arrived after midnight in Uganda. We were greeted by the guest house, they tossed our load on top of the van and whisked us through the night on empty roads. There are people out and about everywhere at all hours. We saw … Continue reading We are in Uganda

My water broke!

I am for once at a loss for words! There are so many swirling activities and emotions going on in and around me that I’m stupefied. I have actually tried to write a third sentence now eight different ways. Where to begin? What to focus in on? Well…I’m good with feelings, i’ll describe those.  When … Continue reading My water broke!

We have a court date!!!

On Thanksgiving Day, our Kira in an orphanage in Uganda, turned nine months old. I kept myself distracted from the sadness from being separated from her by keeping busy in my kitchen and entertaining friends. This is what I wrote this morning in the wee morning hours before anyone else was aroused… “God it is Friday. … Continue reading We have a court date!!!

Tote Presh

  I got an introduction to my education of the world of girls at the retreat this weekend with the teens from our church. I couldn’t hide my gaping mouth and wagging chin at the disparity between their characteristics as compared to my comfortable understanding of the boy world. For endless years of parenting I have … Continue reading Tote Presh


While I endure this precarious condition of limbo in my life with our adoption,  I rejected the impulse to hide out at home until we got the call for our court date, and instead I signed up to chaperone/photograph the fall retreat with teenagers! Let’s understand something, this is the first time I’ve ever done … Continue reading Retreat