Praises for Craig

Not only did he send me off to be with Erica in the critical grieving time of having just lost her mother during the busiest season of the year for our family, but he also: got the kids off to school twice managed the evening schedules did all the laundry made the bed welcomed me … Continue reading Praises for Craig

camelback mountain

This famous mountain is visible from the main highway that zips down the center of Scottsdale. We hiked him many times while living here. There’s some areas of it that require all hands and feet to hoist the body up. The view from the top is expectedly every shade of brown, sprinkled palm tree tops, … Continue reading camelback mountain

Sedona Arizona

How would it be if this was our garden gate and that was our backyard view? It is unimaginable.  I suppose, however, if someone backed me into the corner I’d try to enjoy my coffee every morning looking at that. See! My hair matches the red rock and my eyes match the sky. Perhaps I … Continue reading Sedona Arizona

Breath taking beauty

We spent our breakfast at Starbuck’s this morning with a view that inspires all things in life to trail off into some sort of pile to be managed later. When the moment we occupy is so gorgeous it is effortless remain there. I’d like to package it and tuck it into my back pocket and transport it home … Continue reading Breath taking beauty