Papa’s Garden

One of my first memories of Papa Pete, besides his yellow toronado which was a real thrill to my mother (yellow being her favorite color and a custom made anything demonstrated a picture worth many unspoken words),this was the first time mom schlepped us over to his house in Grand Ledge Michigan. He was going … Continue reading Papa’s Garden

The Bird Ladies

This story begins with last year when we came to visit. My mom has a green eclectus parrot, Drew, and apparently his signal for disapproval of someone is to squawk loudly as the person passes by. Drew doesn’t prefer Craig’s company, so as you can presume each time he passed the cage a loud squawk … Continue reading The Bird Ladies


The week at the beach was a mixing of four generations. While we were there it is nearly impossible to be still in all the commotion and appreciate this simple and valuable truth. There  were the great-grand children age 6-21, the grand children ages 40-48, Mom and Dad (they prefer to keep their ages private) and … Continue reading Generations

Bits of the Beach

All week at the beach I kept a an ongoing list of the odd bits of beach life. They are more pronounced at the shore than anywhere else I can remember. They all together seem to make my whole experience like the deepest cleansing breath with an exhale like an ocean breeze. constant chatter of … Continue reading Bits of the Beach