Good News for Fred.

I sat at my computer two hours ago to write an update about Fred, and instead I wrote an essay about life on earth versus the party in eternity. HA. I have no control over what comes out of my head. I’m thankful for the insights from contemplating losing Boniface, and I will eventually post … Continue reading Good News for Fred.


I awoke to a kitten scarf draped across my neck and under my arm motoring the tune” happy birthday to you”  but the words were  “stay in bed and pet me”. So I did. Indy and Jones are lovely bringing all the kitten life back to our house. It is grand entertainment to watch them … Continue reading 46 and GRATEFUL

More Chicken Pox

I remember when we had four small rascally boys underfoot and Donny brought home the chicken pox. I was house bound for two weeks with each case. One month of isolation was the worst part for me. I never feared my child would die from the pox. Back then we would invite all our friends … Continue reading More Chicken Pox