The third child

When I was pregnant with my third child I decided I qualified for having enough material in my family to try to understand birth order and it’s affect on personality development. Having studied psychology with the ambition to get a doctorate in it (that ended when I fell in love with Craig) this kind of … Continue reading The third child

The brotherhood

This evening, a Saturday, Donny offered to take his brothers to see a movie at the theater. They are going to see the Karate Kid, of course, because a couple of them are karate kids and one is a wannabe. We’ll be in trouble with Jack tomorrow, we’ll never hear the end of when we’re going … Continue reading The brotherhood

Expanding our family.

We have received an update that our little Kira is growing well. She’ll be four months old at the end of this week. There is a big part of me that I keep fenced back from having too much feeling or voice because that part of me has no patience for this waiting period. That’s … Continue reading Expanding our family.