No Phone Zone

Today is the national rally Oprah has chosen to promote her campaign against using the phone and driving. I for one am applauding this excellent use of her media power. As a mom with a teen driver and one on the way it terrifies me that they are going out on the roads where idiots … Continue reading No Phone Zone


Last night Donny went  with a friend from church to her high school prom, and they went with a group of friends. According to Donny prom is all about the girl and how she would like to see her perfect evening go. And so his job was to do as he was instructed: get a … Continue reading Prom

Rainy days and Mondays

Mondays aren’t synonymous with rainy days for me. I enjoy having the house back to myself, restoring order just in time to begin receiving kids through the door at three 0’clock. And for the past four weeks Jack and I have a unique and special date together. The three big boys take the car and go … Continue reading Rainy days and Mondays