It was ALL worth it to see it now.

2 thoughts on “It was ALL worth it to see it now.”

  1. Dear Tonya, so nice to read your posts again. You may remember me – I started going to Uganda (Pallisa) in 2008 and my husband and I were first involved with a school and then set up a microfinance for poor women and widows. The last time we visited Uganda was in 2014. Due to my husbands alzheimers disease we had to stop going and he has been in fulltime care for a year. God willing I hope to go back next year some time. I miss the people in Pallisa very much. I could so relate to everything you said and there were times when I also felt where is all this going. Staff let you down and others try to destroy what has been started. But I thank God that He has proved Himself faithful over and over and the microfinance scheme is still going well and we have now started a small farm project too. From what you wrote it seems that some of the staff have also changed but Irene is a real gem. You are so blessed to have her. I too can thank God for Isaac but he has been through a lot and many have tried to bring him down over the years. The persecution is unbelievable but God is good. We had a wonderful sermon yesterday on God’s justice. And that’s what keeps us going – God wants justice for the oppressed and the poor and fatherless. And He uses us for that. Keep up the great work Tonya – I wonder if we will ever meet in Uganda. God bless love Roz Burggraaf (Perth Australia)

    1. HI Roz,
      I do remember corresponding with you. YES! It has been challenging but the fruit is so worth it all. I’m glad to know your work continues to thrive in the struggle. I do hope we are able to meet in Uganda some day. We can marvel together at God’s hand in our lives. Blessings! Tonya

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