Boarding School Launch

I have a personal culture clash with Ugandan education when I consider seven of our  seventeen children are now in boarding school. In America, say “boarding school” and we have a few quick responses: rich kids super smart kids too busy parents elite loneliness It is so rare in America for a child to go … Continue reading Boarding School Launch

The LOVE of Learning

If you enter five minutes into a conversation with a Ugandan parent the topic of education will arise. It’s a guarantee. The people of Uganda have been well convinced that the primary way to break out of developing conditions is to educate their children as far as possible. Unlike most developed countries, education in Uganda … Continue reading The LOVE of Learning

Internet Blues

For some sad reason my photos won’t upload. I might need to do these blogs when I return to America because my heart desire is to share the whole effect of what God is doing here at Kirabo Seeds. The children are growing up to be such well behaved, thoughtful, curious children. I’ll share a … Continue reading Internet Blues

Uganda welcomes me home.

After glorious travel mercies and uneventful world wide flights we arrived before midnight loading nine plastic bins and three large duffels onto the top of the van. Our apartment was pristine clean after hours of time Julie put into restoring it from chaos. I will probably give up my apartment after this trip. There is … Continue reading Uganda welcomes me home.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas season and is underway to a fresh start on 2016. It is my great joy and relief to board the plane soon and spend some quality time in Uganda at Kirabo Seeds. My new year’s resolutions always include leadership wisdom and discernment for the children at Kirabo Seeds. It … Continue reading Happy New Year!