Tote Presh

4 thoughts on “Tote Presh”

  1. In KK lingo, that would be “totes presh”. Can’t wait for you to be a mom to one of these odd creatures. I have one who is more like Reagan and one who is much like you, but without the make-up. Both have me on my knees more than they (my knees) appreciate. But I am thankful for the privilege of being their mom, and I pray that they (and I!) love Jesus as much as I love them.

    1. I am so thrilled that we will have the girl experience. I never “missed” it when we thought boys were our only way, but now, we are all geared up and ready to learn about raising girls!!! You can be my coach!

  2. I think “y’all don’t hate on the moment of silence” was my favorite, as it perfectly sums up how I feel. After a weekend of craziness with 3 little ones, 2 of whom are sick, and then walking into a mess at work this morning… well… I needed my TAWG! That gave me a good laugh this morning Tonya! Thank you for sharing.

    1. That’s funny. Sounds like a disappearance at the spa for you would do wonders. I can only imagine how much of a load you are balancing. It’s quite remarkable.

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