My water broke!

7 thoughts on “My water broke!”

  1. Too plugged up for words…..yeaaaaaaahhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m praying and praying and praying and praying… I love you all so much, it hurts.

  2. I feel like I did when your water broke and you called me….and I jumped into my car to drive (15 hours/2 hours post delivery) to Virginia to meet my first grandson (Donny)… I am jumping onto a plane to Uganda to meet Kira. Oh, life is a miracle! Mom/Nana

  3. HOORAY! RAY! RAY! Please please please don’t stop blogging! Even with 15 suitcases, you MUST NOT LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP on the plane or anywhere! Or your camera. Your readers are waiting. xxx

  4. By this time, you are boarding a plane or in the midst of flying there–I can’t imagine the anticipation of finally, FINALLY receiving your precious Kira. Hopefully you have time to breathe and rest a little on your 20 hour journey–and please eat. Kira needs you physically strong when you get there!

    Please let Donny know that I’m available 24/7 for him if anything should arise. We’re picking up Harrison this time on the 14th, so he’s welcome to ride back w/ us.

    Blessings to the whole LaTorre family!

  5. Wonderful picture of Donny and Emily, I’m so excited for all of you…just wish I was there, but know we are here Celebrating with you!!

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