Italian Night with the LaTorres

3 thoughts on “Italian Night with the LaTorres”

  1. What a great joy to read your daily blog and know the joy and happiness you all are having! What a great idea with the real italian food, gifts and prayers! Enjoy and enjoy even more – you are so right that you will always remember the special get togethers – what a wonderful tradition the LaTorres have done and continue to do. God Bless you all always.
    love Grandma

  2. Oh…how fun! I wish I was Italian!! Thanks for sharing your time and photos Tonya. I feel like I was there. Mom p.s. please say hi to everyone for me. pss where is the photo of “Dad/Grandpa” in his ginny T and black socks??

  3. And WHY is Andy German when being Italian is a lot more fun??? I got tears in my eyes thinking about John praying in Italian–what a sweet image of a loving and fun family! You know the pressure is now on your family since the bar has been raised!

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