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A man after God’s own heart.

The Kirabo Seeds children’s home is an active and noisy place. You won’t hear screaming or crying there, only the happy laughter and squealing of children. The chatter can be heard from a distance. Curious types are found high in trees peering into our compound while attempting to understand what it is all about. Construction workers on the fourth level of a structure nearby are often found bouncing to the music during devotion. By now most neighbors are familiar and accustomed to the activity within our walls. For many months there’s been at least one mzungu coming and going. Unfortunately this draws attention from the unwelcome sort who prefers to assess the material possessions that could be lifted away if timed just right.


God has definitely blessed our ministry with useful and valuable resources. We have many computers, a sound system, generator, medicines, toys and books. At night Samson our trained German Shepherd is out on the compound guarding. He knows by the reaction of everyone if a new person is friend or foe. If he sense foe he would shred the person like a sheet on the laundry line.


Robert with Christine

Robert with Christine

Sunday is the only day when no one is at home. Everyone goes to church together. As they pulled the van out of the gate this week there were five idle types who appeared to be up to no good lounging around our place, walking back and forth and looking over the wall. Robert slammed the brakes of the van while all the children were inside, jumped out of the driver seat, got right into the faces of these men and took their pictures! He said, “if anything happens here I will take these pictures to the police station.” The men were so angry that he took their picture. They shouted at him and gestured then ran off. Robert returned to the house and let Samson out just in case they weren’t deterred.


After church Robert visited the police station anyway and reported that there were these characters loitering at the children’s home. They agreed to patrol our area more carefully and often to protect the children.


All of this impressed me. Robert is not only courageous but he has that fierce sense of protection over the children and women in our home. When you meet Robert he is quiet and stands back to observe. He does not draw any attention to himself. However whenever he has been asked to speak he has surprised me over and over with his eloquence and passion. The first time I met him we were helping at a hospital and I asked him to preach the salvation message to the children in Lugandan. He stepped right in and gave an impromptu animated sermon leaving the children cheering! Along our journey I have had Robert by my side in difficult and tense meetings, at the police station and in intimate gatherings with jjajjas. He is well spoken fair and unemotional in his approach to all situations yet tender and sensitive.


Robert with a jjajja

Robert with a jjajja

When our sweet Boniface spent his last few hours alive Robert held his hand at his side and offered any sort of hope to keep him with us. At the burial sight there were no men available to help with the burial, so Robert had to dig. He also had to hold the family together in the great pain of grieving our loss.


robert cuts the hair of the kids! He's good with the clippers.

robert cuts the hair of the kids! He’s good with the clippers. This was Boniface.

This is a man God called to help in orphan care. It is his job, but it’s more importantly his passion and ministry. When God promises to take care of the orphan in his word, this is how he provides. He takes a man like Robert and sets all his talents and abilities loose for the good and protection of the most vulnerable children on this planet. Thank you God. Thank you Robert.



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  1. What a great expose’ of a man we admire and love. Robert is such a beautiful combination of strength and compassion. Go, Rogert! Go, God! Hugs v

    Sent from phone


  2. I so much look forward to meeting Robert someday, hopefully soon.

  3. I agree, such a blessing he is to the team!

  4. Robert Rocks. Love his heart. He is a blessing to be a blessing to others. Thank God for his place in Kirabo Seeds.


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