Our Baylor Bear

4 thoughts on “Our Baylor Bear”

  1. Seeing pictures on campus brings back such great memories. I love that place, glad to hear he’s thriving!!

  2. I havent been keeping up with you, T, because of my own busyness here, but I can say a loud “amen!” to all you wrote. My youngest is out of the next now, and I actually have that rare commodity which I haven’t had since probably 4th grade, time. Evenings when Jim travels are eerily quiet. While I longed for that years ago I find myself sadly unsatisfied with it now. That will change; God won’t let me stay here. Corrie decided to go to PLNU where Danny is so we won’t be divided between colleges like we were with KK and Danny, and for that I’m thankful. Will try to use that time on a free evening to catch up with your blogs so I can pray and know what’s going on. Hugs, vicki

  3. Donny, what a handsome young man…what happened to that cute chubby little guy I knew 20 years ago???

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