My baby woes.

3 thoughts on “My baby woes.”

  1. I can only imagine the pains it brings to your heart as you wait. It seems that the adoption process always throughs a wrench into things. My sister went through the same thing. It seemed like something just kept them waiting…and waiting. This ‘pregnancy’ might take longer but she will be here before you know it. Once you have her, this time will seemed to have passed quickly.

  2. We too are impatient and disappointed but still hopeful it will happen very soon. I can’t wait to have her in our Christmas card. I can just see her in the center sourrounded by all her ‘cousins’!

  3. I,too am waiting for my 16th great grandchild! I’ve already told half the world that you and Craig and family are adopting a baby daughter from Uganda. We must be patient and trust in God – your daughter will be here ASAP!My prayers are with all of you.
    love always and forever

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