The LOVE of Learning

If you enter five minutes into a conversation with a Ugandan parent the topic of education will arise. It’s a guarantee. The people of Uganda have been well convinced that the primary way to break out of developing conditions is to educate their children as far as possible. Unlike most developed countries, education in Uganda … Continue reading The LOVE of Learning

Family Time.

I’ve spent much of my adult life growing a healthy marriage. We celebrated 25 years together this year. During the past decade I’ve even had the privilege and honor to counsel some couples in the early stages of marriage to help them establish a marriage outlined in the bible, the standard we hold ours to … Continue reading Family Time.

Fellow Strugglers

When Jack complains that something is “hard” he has three older siblings who are quick to tell him what we’ve been telling them for years: “Life’s not supposed to be easy.” He’s beginning to lean in towards the hard to do things and realizing bit by bit he can get through it. It won’t be … Continue reading Fellow Strugglers