Boarding School Launch

I have a personal culture clash with Ugandan education when I consider seven of our  seventeen children are now in boarding school. In America, say “boarding school” and we have a few quick responses: rich kids super smart kids too busy parents elite loneliness It is so rare in America for a child to go … Continue reading Boarding School Launch

The LOVE of Learning

If you enter five minutes into a conversation with a Ugandan parent the topic of education will arise. It’s a guarantee. The people of Uganda have been well convinced that the primary way to break out of developing conditions is to educate their children as far as possible. Unlike most developed countries, education in Uganda … Continue reading The LOVE of Learning


I count my blessings after spending nearly two weeks with my own father visiting us here in Texas. Six weeks ago he had hip replacement surgery and to see him use a cane to greet us in the airport helped me realize how precious our time together is to me. His hair is a shiny … Continue reading Fathers

In Angela’s own words…

The orphan care vision for Kirabo Seeds is unique among other organizations. Beyond providing for the basic needs and care we are training leadership qualities into their lives. We have taken the bible’s way to raise children in a family and applied it to the raising of seventeen children. We’ve set high standards for the … Continue reading In Angela’s own words…

Courage is Contagious

I can’t think of one aspect of living in Uganda that feels odd to me now. I can bathe from a bucket, go without electricity, find no water when I turn on the faucet and sleep soundly under a mosquito net. I anticipate sights of people working along the road, always busy and hustling to … Continue reading Courage is Contagious