Family Time.

I’ve spent much of my adult life growing a healthy marriage. We celebrated 25 years together this year. During the past decade I’ve even had the privilege and honor to counsel some couples in the early stages of marriage to help them establish a marriage outlined in the bible, the standard we hold ours to … Continue reading Family Time.


I count my blessings after spending nearly two weeks with my own father visiting us here in Texas. Six weeks ago he had hip replacement surgery and to see him use a cane to greet us in the airport helped me realize how precious our time together is to me. His hair is a shiny … Continue reading Fathers

In Angela’s own words…

The orphan care vision for Kirabo Seeds is unique among other organizations. Beyond providing for the basic needs and care we are training leadership qualities into their lives. We have taken the bible’s way to raise children in a family and applied it to the raising of seventeen children. We’ve set high standards for the … Continue reading In Angela’s own words…

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the ladies who have ever loved a child, given care, sacrificed to make a difference in the life of a child, I thank God for you. When God created Kirabo Seeds, he didn’t choose an experienced business leader to develop the vision, he chose a MOTHER. It is my absolute privilege and honor to … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day