Lucy’s no fool

Lucy knows when the suitcases roll out and piles of messes occupy corners of the house that there’s no good to come from it. She remembers being left behind or hauled off to the doggie camp when these curious changes finalize. What she doesn’t know this time is that she’s coming with us! We are … Continue reading Lucy’s no fool

music magic

  Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain. -Carl Jung There are two guitar players in our family.  And three piano players. It’s not a trick. Donny was inspired to pick up the acoustic guitar after having played piano five years. For Christmas a few years ago … Continue reading music magic

The Wild World

Caution: I am going to describe not my experiences with this beast, though he’s a signigicant motivator for my sons to go golfing every Saturday. He lives on the golf course and is usually hanging out. Once Jordan scared him into the water making a crashing splash which caused him to sprint on air back … Continue reading The Wild World

Summer Reading

Besides these fun reads I need to clarify I begin my day at 5:30ish with my bible and a commentary. I am a couple days away from finishing Colossians. I have really enjoyed Warren Wiersbe’s commentary series: “Be”. For example the studies of Colossians is titled: Be Complete. I finished Ecclesiastes a while a go … Continue reading Summer Reading

Garden Visitor

Our morning rain broke the heat and drove me into the garden.  Despite the scorching temps we’ve endured my plants did better than hang on, they did a little thriving. I celebrated with a few minutes on the bench taking in the view of the lake behind my pretty flowers. Surveying my plants, I made a … Continue reading Garden Visitor