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  1. Hi Tonya!
    I have been enjoying catching up on your family travels! Congratulations on Baby Kira! I have been reading a few entries a night since just before Christmas and remember reading your Minestrone recipe. I have been scrolling through and cannot seem to locate it! I know your most treasured ingredient is parma cheese. If you remember it, in all of your spare time, can you send me the date of entry?

    Hope all is well!
    xoxo, jen

    1. Hi Jen,
      I am so surprised you have been following our stories! With your full nest of boys I am sincerely honored you will spend some time with us. Thank you. You will love this soup, and I hope you remember us often whenever you make it. The rind of parm cheese flavors the whole thing so deliciously that I find myself throwing them into many soups. Enjoy! Tell Steve we say hello.
      November 9, 2009
      (any time you can’t find something google my name and the topic it worked for me!)

      1. Tonya,
        Kelly Nicholson Boldt told me you have an interesting adoption story. My next book is going to have adoption stories. Would you be interested in letting me interview you? My former books are on
        Sandra Hilsabeck (

  2. Happy Birthday to a very special person. Hope you have a great day. e-hugs from the frozen north. (aka Michigan). Love, Tom, Sue, Tommy, Tristan & Ella

  3. Hi Tonya,
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and learning from it. We feel that we are being called to adopt internationally. We have 3 kiddos….2 biological girls and 1 adopted son who is almost 5. We think Uganda is calling us but we are in the first first first stages! Like the stage when you say, “Uh, really? Can we do this? Don’t tell anyone until figure it out!” But we are putting one foot in front of the other and reaching out to people. We are in Austin and looking for advice from the ‘pro’s’. Like who should we work with? Who is reputable? We will need to fundraise for this adoption…we didn’t for the last and it left us financially strapped for a time. So costs are a factor but we don’t know if there is really that much of a differnece from one organization to the next in terms of fees. Any help or advice you could offer to the newbie would be great. Thanks so much.

  4. Hi Tonya!
    I came across your blog and will definitely be following it from now on! Your daughter, Kira, is beautiful — congratulations on her adoption! I am lucky to be the mother of two sons — the oldest is our bio child and our youngest joined our family through domestic, transracial adoption.

    I am training as a Montessori preschool teacher right now and am working on a project, inspired by my youngest son. I am putting together photo books of each continent. The text in each book is exactly the same, for example, “What do children in Africa like to do? They like to run. They like to play with friends.” My hope is that my preschool students will learn from these books that children around the world might look different than them or live in a different environment, but we are largely the same. I think that teaching children love and acceptance at a young age is one of the keys to improving our world, and I hope that my project in some small way contribute to that.

    I am lucky to have photos from friends who have adopted from or done mission trips in Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa. However, I am still looking for more photos and don’t have any from Uganda. I saw a few photos on your blog that I’d love to use in my booklets, like the one of the children on makeshift see-saws, but I will not do so without your permission. If you are comfortable with me using the photos, I can copy them from your blog. If not, I totally understand.

    I will be praying for ‘your’ children in Uganda!

  5. Hi Tonya,
    I came across you post as I was looking into taking a trip to Africa. I thought you could be a lot of help when it comes to my questions in going about making this trip happen. Please email me at
    Thank you!
    Kelly Magee

  6. Hi Tonya,
    We heard you & Jack speak at an MDUMC service a couple of months (or so???) back. Your story warms & breaks my heart at the same time. We’d like to get more info on sponsoring a child’s schooling. If you could contact me with details, that would be lovely. Thanks for all you do –

  7. You spoke to our ABF and mentioned vitamins for the orphans. Are they afraid to swallow big tablets? Should they be chewable or a certain brand? Thanks.

  8. Hi, my husband and I along with a board of directors just launched a nonprofit last month called The Sparrow Fund ( to give grants to adoptive families. We are trying to get bloggers to post about it on their blogs to get the word out. If you have any interest, can you please email me? We’d love to have you!

  9. Hi Tonya, We are in the process of adopting a little boy from Uganda. I got to your blog off of Uganda adoption blogs. Love reading your posts! I saw your work with an orphanage. Our kiddos have just read Beatrice’s Goat. A girl in Uganda gets a goat and it changes her family. So, we were wanting to purchase a goat for a family and get our homeschool group involved but then I saw your work with the orphanage,I didn’t know if there was something we could do to help with the orphanage?

    Thank you!!

  10. Hi Tonya – my friend Jessi told us that you were collecting vitamins/funds for vitamins to take with you when you go to Uganda next month. I was wondering if you could send me the paypal address you would use for donations, and I was also wondering if you would mind if I shared your blog/reason you’re asking for donations on Twitter – my heart just broke reading your story and I would love to share it with others! Thanks! Emily

  11. Hi Tonya, I´m From Argentina. I´m 24 and right now I can not sponsor a child but I would love to help them in some way. I´ve been reading your blog and all the stories from the orphanage and how you and your family are making the kids life better.

    I just fell in love with those kids and probably in a couple of months i can sponsor one of them! But now I wonder if I can send you some stuff for them, like clothes or toys, some present or something that they would love or need, My e-mail addres is with this mail!

    You really inspired me! Great job!

  12. Hi Tonya,

    Your blog is definitely inspiring! Seeing and reading how God is working through you and your family is amazing. My friend and I are going to Uganda this coming September to volunteer, and get some time away from school, and I would love to come visit your orphanage or even volunteer in it. Where in Uganda is it? and how long are you going to be in Uganda?


    1. Thank you! I’d love to help you arrange that. WE can exchange information next week. I’ll be here until July 4th.
      Blessings to you!

      1. HEY!!!

        I am actually here in Kampala now, I read that you are coming in October? I would love to see what you do here, maybe we can exchange info?

  13. Tonya, tahnk you very much for the opportunity for Andres to support the mission, it was so wonderful to follow each day the activities and the joy from the children, but amanzingly as you mentioned it is probably more powerful what each volunteer bring back in their heart about faith, love and hope. Thank you very much, we fell so connected to this mission and the Uganda Children, I mean to GOD through this cause.
    God bless you, Craig and your children
    Jackie and Christian

  14. Hello,
    My name is Janelle-Jean. I have applied to your assistant job on

    I’m from Honolulu, HI and moved here to San Antonio in 2009. I have 10+ years working with children from infant to middle school. Worked as a Educational assistant (teachers assistant) in public schools, working with special needs/disabled children, work at Child Care facilities on military bases and off base. Engaged with educational activities such as arts and crafts, in and outdoor activities, healthy cooking activities. And also as a baby sitter (where i also do light cleaning such as: dishes, putting away children’s toys, laundry. Also prepare meals, going to the park and pool). I live in Live Oak, near Universal City.

    I am looking for a sitting job where I can actually sometimes but not all the time bring my baby boy born on May 6, 2011. But he also goes to daycare.

    I really enjoy and love reading your blog. Having to read about your journeys to Uganda and adopting a baby girl there really touched my heart and soul. Also you having a very supportive family and your sons to be by your side. That is what I call a very loving and caring family. You can’t hardly find any children in this generation that actually do what your children do. I work with children from infants and now high school children. Some of them have a lot of luxury that at times they don’t realize the world isn’t all about video games, etc. I always tell them “be glad on what your parents give you, because there is so much children out there that doesn’t even have any of the things that you have, such as food, video games, nice and fancy clothing, etc.) I have a soon to be 3 months old son and I do hope to god that my husband and I will guide him through his life on teaching him the value of life, going to church & learning about god and important things in life. One of my dreams is to volunteer with a organization such like the Peace Corp. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to travel and volunteer at a orphanage, etc.
    I can’t wait until I read more about your new journeys in life.

    You also can contact me at
    Hope to hear from you. And thank you for your time.
    Take Care and God Bless.

    Janelle-Jean Correa

  15. Hi Tonya!
    My hubby and I are seriously considering adopting from Uganda through Lifeline and I am wondering if you would be willing to talk about your experiences with me. We are really trying to do our homework and choose wisely.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journeys!

  16. I just sent you three books for the children at the orphanage. I hope you can use them! Please let me know when they arrive. Thanks!


  17. Hi Tonya! I think we met at KBC when y’all were here but if not then HOWDY! I know this sounds very random but I read Jack’s story on your blog and have a question. Could I have his pumpkin bread recipe? I know that sounds very random. 🙂 My daughter Lauren (she is Kevin’s age) and I are working on a fundraiser for our trip to India in January. We both thought that due to the “fall” weather pumpkin bread would make a great fundraiser. Then a friend mentioned your blog and I read Jack’s pumpkin bread story. It must be providential that I read this blog today because we are working on our fundraiser today! Can you email it to me at

  18. Hi, Tonya!

    My husband & I are adopting from Uganda……. hopefully, our first 2 children. I am so glad to have been referred to your blog. We are paper-ready & waiting for/looking for a match. We are a Uganda family……. my sister-in-law is Ugandan & our story is a beautiful, unique, blessed intertwining of cultures & adoption. I’m so glad that I found your blog…… I have a feeling I’ll benefit greatly from browsing around!

  19. Hi Tonya!

    My name is Erin, I live in Austin, Texas and am currently an elementary education major at UT. God has called me to Uganda to work with His children and I am researching places that are in need of helping hands! I’m looking for a one year commitment, possibly longer, hopefully starting in the fall of 2012. Are you guys in need of help? I would love to hear about the opportunities that you have!

    Thanks so much, look forward to hearing from you soon!


  20. Tonya,

    Hopefully my donation finds it way to you and the family. My donation is in honor of both Jack for his great work and Jordan for his particpation in ROTC. I guess he and I do have things in common. Jordon check that gig line soldier!! Keep up the great work!!

    Not so (Uncle) Mark

  21. PS. Oops mispelled Jordan grr.. oh and please don’t send me any bread, it’s great I heard but don’t need the calories at this time of the year.

  22. This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

  23. I was interested in asking you about your agency – Lifeline – and if you still recommend them? We’re starting an adoption process and wanted to make sure they were ethical and reputable but I’m having trouble finding many reviews online about them. Thanks for any help!

  24. Tonya,
    I have often wondered what happend to the LaTorre family! So glad to be able to catch up! What a beautiful and exciting thing your family gets to participate in in Uganda! It is amazing to see where God will lead us when we are willing to follow!
    So looking forward to reading more as the posts keep coming! I will be praying for the work you and Craig and the boys are doing!
    In Him~
    Ginger Szoradi

  25. Tonya,
    I am a seventeen year old girl and my birthday is coming up when my dad asked me what I wanted I told him I wanted to give a gift to an orphan that has the same birthday as me. Is there anyone you could help me find a young child to donate my birthday present to. My birthday is April 14th

    1. I absolutely love this idea! I’m sending you a personal email with my ideas.
      Thank you for your loving heart. Some kid is going to love you forever.

  26. Hey Tonya,
    Thanks so much for your blog. I have loved reading your posts. My husband and I are very seriously considering adopting from Uganda. We would like to adopt siblings. We have connections through my Aunt and Uncle, Steve and Darla Kruse (they have a ministry KAMInternational), with the Comforter’s Center and Veronica. I noticed that you visited there. We lost our first daughter Aliyah Joy, to a fatal birth defect in October of 2010. We prayed and felt the Lord call us to give money in Aliyah’s honor towards the Comforter’s Center….loving their mission to promote LIFE and the gospel in Kampala. To make a long story short, Veronica felt the Lord call her to name their prayer center, The Aliyah Joy Prayer Center, before even knowing of our donation in Aliyah’s honor to the Comforter’s Center. Our God is good and amazing!! The comforter’s center is actually in the process of raising money to build a hostel to raise income. Veronica has chosen to name the center “The Aliyah Joy House.” My husband and I are blown and away and amazed at the Lord’s goodness adn faithfulness in our situation.
    I share all that to show why we feel such a strong call to adopt from Uganda…..we feel a bit overwhelmed with starting the process but would really like to get connected with an agency and have a home study this summer. Blessings to you! Janae and Rodney Hostetter

    1. We appreciate and recommend Lifeline as an adoption agency. The wait for a referral might be longer but their reputation in the court systems and at the embassy is impeccable and that’s where it will really count for you.

  27. Am kuset from uganda east africa
    i came across your site in afunny way
    i really dont know how i came here i was
    looking for nice photos and i came across
    different sites among which included yours
    am so happy about the work you do
    God bless you this is all i can say
    thanks blessings kuset deo.

  28. Hello Tonya,

    My name is Dean Rohr. I am a Red Cross Volunteer here in Colorado with your Uncle Mark…he gave me this site.

    My wife and just returned from Uganda on June 23rd, after spending 3 weeks there. This was our third trip and the set up trip for our move there next July. We are part of a Non profit here in Boulder called United Childrens Fund. We have been building schools in Uganda for about 14 years.

    We think its very imprortant to network with others working in Uganda. Please feel free to contact me at

    Omukama abakuume era akuume Uganda!

    Dean Rohr

  29. Dear precious servants of the most High God,
    Much greetings through the most precious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. We are a young Christian fellowship from Kenya which meets under a banana fiber shade for prayers and worship services. We have visited your website and are hereby letting you know that through God’s grace we are motivated, touched and uplifted by the true teachings that you have taught us through it, thank you servants and may you keep on the good work of the Lord for His glory and people.
    Since we are a young fellowship seeking to grow, know and live for the truth such as you teach, we would like to request you to send us more teachings for our spiritual and daily growth. We hope God has great things in store for you and us and that He has good plans for us. We hope that we will enjoy God’s kingdom as you agree to share and further it with us here on earth. We hope, pray and trust you will be a great blessing to us and our community at large for God’s glory, honor and kingdom as you agree with us in the faith of Jesus Christ and prayers.
    It is our sincere prayer and hope that God open you a way to come as He may be pleased to direct you and lay us the foundation truth. We hope that your coming will be of great blessings to us. We believe in God as we rely on His true word .My kind request to you is pray for the suffering orphans that iam taking care . Remain blessed as you labor for God’s kingdom purpose. Greet the church of God for us.
    Yours fellow servant
    Pastor Dickson maina

  30. Hi Tonya,

    My name is Cristina and I live just outside of San Antonio near Bulverde. This morning I was searching for info on an orphanage in Uganda and came across your blog when I googled the name of the orphanage. I decided to read one of your entries and was so excited to find out that you and I not only live in the same city, but have a love for the children of Uganda.

    In July, my son and daughter helped me lead a small mission team from our church to Uganda. That was our third mission trip and plan on taking many more. We work very closely with African Hearts and A Perfect Injustice in Uganda. They are both organizations that help the street children in the slums of Kampala. They both have slum ministries and have boys homes. When we go to Uganda, we spend most of our time working in the slums and with the street children. We also visit a few orphanages and wherever else God leads us.

    I am a mother of four children, one girl and three boys. They range in age from 16 to 9. My 16 year old daughter is in love with Uganda. She feels as though God is calling her to be a missionary there. Our children have been begging my husband and I to adopt from Uganda, but God has already told me that now is not the time for us. But, I have a few boys I consider my sons at African Hearts home in Ssenge Village and love them dearly.

    I would love to find out more information about you and your ministry in Uganda. I love meeting people who share the same passions and desires as i have. Where do you live in San Antonio? Maybe one day we can meet for coffee and share our Ugandan stories. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for loving the children of Uganda and devoting your life to helping them.


  31. I read your piece on the Ugandan introduction ceremony and loved it. My girlfriend and I are planning our wedding for Uganda as that is where her family is from. I’m excited but apprehensive about all that is required of me. We live in Dallas and my grandfather lives in San Antonio so I’m down that way in about a month or two. I would love to talk with you about your experience in Uganda as well as the orphanage you mentioned as we’re involved with a nonprofit in Uganda also. Hope to hear back from you and may God bless you, your family and your efforts.


  32. Hello, Tonya!

    I have been enjoying reading about your experiences in Uganda. My husband and I will be leaving in a few weeks for a quick trip to Uganda to help with some mission work. My husband goes every year, but this will be my first trip, and I can’t wait to see how The Lord will use this trip! I will be visiting with some of the ladies from the women’s ministries of a local Ugandan church, and would love to bring appropriate gifts – do you have any advice? Your posts on what to wear and pack were particularly helpful. I also enjoyed reading about your boys-I am mom to two young boys, and my husband and I met at Baylor. Sic ’em Bears!


  33. I have a deep desire to read all of your posts. I am going to! I read your latest and it just brings tears to my eyes! Your treasures in heaven will be many! God bless you and your family 🙂

  34. Hello, Tonya,
    I will attempt to make this short. There is so much to say but, here is the basics.
    It is great to stumble upon this blog. And the reason I am leaving a message is because I am coming to Uganda in November. I am a board member for the organization, Journey of Hope…..from violence to healing. (you can find it online) (If you get bored or have a few minutes to read about our story’s) We are on a mission or our goal is to abolish the death penalty around the world. Our passion is strong because of what each of us has been through but, we all are bringing the good out of the bad.

    Anyway this is my first time to Uganda, and am researching any info that I can get for my 3 weeks there.
    We (myself and many others) were invited by Ronald and Edward in which are in charge of the project in Uganda called Dream One The journey is about people on death row there and their families. They have started a school for the children ,of the people on death row, (men and women) because as you know it costs to go to school.

    I myself am a victim survivor, SueZann (you can find my story on the above or just google my name.
    I am interested in your advise and suggestions because we will be speaking at prisons, churches, parliament, schools etc…. and meeting a lot of people. I also have question on travel, bringing things in, food and so forth, weather, clothing, etc…..extra things to leave there.

    I know that your time is limited but, I welcome your information, in which I have already learned from your blog and I am incredibly amazed at what you have done in Uganda.

    Blessing and Amani

  35. Hello Tonya,
    This is SueZann, I’m leaving for Kenya and Uganda Nov. 5th and are you going to be there from about, Nov. 13th till the 24th….so we would love to visit you and or your beautiful children, although nothing is 100% till we reach Uganda…..Edward Mpagi and Ronald works with Dream One and started their school/orphange. So if you are still interested in us possibly connecting with you all or your children, feel free to let me know….or if you want their info………..Paz SueZann (Journey of

  36. Hi I’m Eric McDonald I’m getting ready to go to Uganda in June to marry the most beautiful women of my life I was needing help on we’re I can go to get my vaccine shots and how much u would charge me to do our wedding I been reading about u and would like to know ur prices

    1. HI Eric,
      Unfortunately I don’t know where to send you for shots to save money. We always use passport services because they are current on the necessary precautions in medical issues.I don’t actually live there to photograph weddings. I did that for my friend George Lwanga, who happens to do weddings for a living. So I will give you email to him and he can contact you about photographing your wedding. Congratulations.

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