You’ll Be In My Heart

The Thursday before Donny and Kelli’s wedding Kira had her first day of Kindergarten. When Donny was starting Kindergarten as my eldest child I was like all the mothers I saw in her room fussing about perfection, battling emotion, and holding on a little too tightly. It was such a monumental event full of emotion … Continue reading You’ll Be In My Heart

Every mama’s Hope

Since the day Craig and I welcomed Donny home from the hospital and devoted ourselves to raising him all we could hope is that some day his bride would honestly say this: more to come later, we are all in the first week of school and fighting colds…but we will share more soon! Continue reading Every mama’s Hope

Can you hear the music?

There’s a tribal dance group in Kampala we always take visitors to experience. They accurately demonstrate how the tribes in Uganda differ by expression of dance, instrument, song and ritual. For the finale of the performance the dancers stack clay pots on their heads, shake the hips and move all over the stage without dropping … Continue reading Can you hear the music?

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the ladies who have ever loved a child, given care, sacrificed to make a difference in the life of a child, I thank God for you. When God created Kirabo Seeds, he didn’t choose an experienced business leader to develop the vision, he chose a MOTHER. It is my absolute privilege and honor to … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day