7 thoughts on “Adoption”

  1. I am so happy to hear about your new baby girl!
    May God continue to bless you and your faimly.
    I would love to see her picture!

    In His Love

  2. Hi, Thanks for all this great information. I just found your blog today from Rachel Goode’s blog, Heirs with Christ. We have been in the process for six months. We used the same agencies, but just flipped flopped. I live in Atlanta, so we used Lifeline as our homestudy and Generations as our placing agency. Too funny! So that is good to know that children only have to be in the orphanage three months before they can be placed, I heard that it might be true. But, wow! You will not be traveling until Sept? So, we probably will not be going until the end of the year. Well, congratulations on your referrel!! So exciting! Look forward to following your adoption journey!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog. We are in Texas and have decided to adopt from Uganda. I have looked at both Generations and Lifeline. My cousin used Generations for a domestic adoption and loved them, so I’ve been leaning that direction. It’s my understanding they use the same baby home. May I ask what made you choose to use Lifeline? We haven’t decided between the two agencies yet.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      How exciting that you are ready to adopt from Uganda. I went to Uganda on a mission trip last fall and after playing with the orphans, I knew I had to try to give one to a forever family. My husband had been waiting for me to be ready for a long time to adopt so when I said I was ready we jumped. He found lifeline on the internet and it had a good reputation. That’s why we chose them. We didn’t have a reference. We just jumped. Generations is wonderful as well. They did our home study. Truthfully, they use the same lawyer and orphanage for the children so it’s better to just go with generations because you will know the people involved. I will never meet our case worker in Alabama. I am available to you for any questions you may have about the process as you embark on this amazing faith journey with God. Blessings to you, your sister, Tonya

  4. hi am so excited about the baby am to adopt just to have a heart like yours for kira. you showed kira too much love. i just love you ministy God bless you. all my life i loved to adopt ababy for a reason of sharing love to the baby and as a way of showing God how i love Him. when i shared my dream with you your response was something i had never thought about. every day i pray for a job to prepare for my baby. i cant wait to get married and have KIRA’S sister.

  5. Hi Tonya,
    I have loved reading your stories about my own culture as well as adoption, you are amazing how you captured almost every bit of life in Uganda.
    Ooh, how i wish every family could this, I believe this is an important information for every family planning to adopt a child of different culture and color. I am thankful to God for the way you are using your gift to bless others.
    Please, keep up the good work you are doing to keep us informed about the life of Kira. We love you and thank you very much for the support you gave to Loving Hearts Babies Home and accepting Kira as your daughter. send our love and appreciation to every family that sent a love note and picture to us. greetings to your family and taata Kira.

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