Parenting, Culture, and God’s Way

3 thoughts on “Parenting, Culture, and God’s Way”

  1. Thank you for sharing about Kira, aka “Miss Priss”. I can’t believe how she’s grown! And everything you said reminds me of the teachings of Super Nanny ” 🙂 It’s amazing how patience, persistence and love shape children into amazing adults. She is so blessed that God chose the LaTorre’s as her forever family.

  2. How fantastic that God provided a parenting class through Watoto! I always enjoy reading your insights on the issue. Only God could have paired the personalities of the two of you (you and Kira) so perfectly!

  3. Hi there! I’m Kira’s little campers teacher this year. This is amazing child. I love hearing her thoughts on everything. She notices everything around her and either has an opinion or a question about all she sees. I will sit with her at snack time or lunch time and she will go on about her family. She just loves her brothers and loves all the fun things you do together. She’s a sweet, fierce and funny young lady and just a joy for us to have in our room. And yes, she talks about being chocolate and how her family loves chocolate so much that y’all went and got her from Uganda. Very matter of fact about it. She’s told us about her sisters and how she’s been to Uganda to see them. I know that a lot of people see an adoption situation and go on about how the child is blessed and all that, but honestly, your Kirabo is the blessing. She’s going to change the world some day! God bless y’all and thank you SO MUCH for sharing her with little campers this summer! We love her!

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