Posted by: tonyalatorre | May 12, 2014

Mother’s Day

I enjoyed playing with my camera and capturing a few of my loves…not all those I love enjoy my camera pointed at them…so this isn’t a complete list…but it sure was nice to have so many that call me mama…all over this world.



This is my horse Bear. He really is my best friend and only people who ride understand what that feels like or that it isn’t crazy.

kira and apple

This is Kira with the pony she shares with another family. His name is “AppleButt”. It’s hysterical when she say it. She loves to trot on him and begs to canter, which she’s no way ready to do but at the same time she’s fearless.


this was an action shot…this was not posed. She loves this pony.


He gets lots of kisses from the fluffliest lips God ever made. We all line up and beg for her kisses at our house, but this pony gets them just for letting her ride on his back and lead him around by a rope.

future equestrian

Jack did the hard work of jogging along side a trotting Applebutt so Kira could find her rhythm. She loves it! She giggles and squeals for more. It’s bad news when pony has said that’s all for today.

jack and biggie

Jack and Biggie. They know about best friends too.

silly kira

Our little diva in the making.


This is six months old “Jones”


This is six month old “Indy”  (get it ? Indy and Jones)

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  1. I had my daughter Eva read this post, as she shares your love for animals – especially horses and the ever-elusive kitties that her daddy refuses to allow. :) Miracle of miracles, we found a riding class through our local military in Iquique so twice a week she is realizing her dream along with 8 or 9 other girls!

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