5 thoughts on “Malaria”

    1. After his third trip to the doctor his malaria count was under good control. They removed the port in his arm and switched him to pills for five days. He spent the day playing and getting in a fair amount of mischief. He’ll be fine!

  1. Tell Ryan we are praying for him to get well, I remember going to the Dr. with Ronah when she had malaria. Speaking of Ronah, I can’t believe the difference in her in just 31/2 month, beautiful and healthy. Please tell the staff what a great job they are doing with these children.Mom

  2. I’m so thrilled to hear the little guy is doing well! We have had our prayer warrior team on it since we heard! Give him a big hug for us and tell him we will continue to pray for his progress! We serve such a loving GOD! Praise be HIS MIGHTY NAME!

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