How I found Orphan Care as my “cause”

4 thoughts on “How I found Orphan Care as my “cause””

  1. I’m enjoying getting to know your story by reading some of your posts. I have become aware of “being with” and not “doing for” in the last two to three weeks. Your story is re-enforcing that idea.

    1. HI Cynthia, thanks for the comment! This work in Uganda isn’t me at all and what I mean is I said yes Lord anything you want me to do for you I will do and was I ever in a shock for what he wanted. We just wanted to go along side another organization and help to remain connected. But when we experienced so much fraud and theft resulting in needy kids continuing to go without so greedy adults could take care of their own needs and wants…well…God had a purpose for my sense of fight, and determination to get the job done right. So here we are joyfully, peacefully following God as He shows us the way. He’s such a good leader if we just listen quietly from a place of stillness.

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