How are the Children?

12 thoughts on “How are the Children?”

  1. Thx for sharing. This helps my heart. And Musa–wow, such devotion and really such leadership and shepherding. I remember the jjajjas, especially the crazy Craig-stealing one. 😉 I pray for them too because they have buried children and now a grandchild. It’s almost too much to bear but for knowing Jesus and the hope he brings. Thx for your prayers for us too. God is faithful. Love u sister! Hugs v

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  2. Tonya, I prayed for you, Craig and all those at KS that God’s grace would be sufficient for you, and that His strength would be made perfect in your weakness….as you grieve and miss Boniface. The “finality of death” this side of Heaven is so real at times like this–remember, not only do you have our Heavenly Father, but you have people that will love and support you through the days, weeks and months when you feel the pain of a shattered heart. Boniface was so blessed by your obedience to God and your immeasurable love for him…a love that he would’ve never known, a love that reflected God’s love for him. And Musa…what a testimony of patience and unconditional love for a “wild child” that has grown to where he is able to give the same to his precious brother. What an amazing young man you all are raising…I’m excited to see how God uses him in the future. You and all of your family, both in the US and Uganda, are loved and prayed for by all of us and please remember that we are all here for you.

  3. Tears rolling down my face as I read this, tears for the loss of Boniface, tears for Musa’s strength and for what a loving boy he is, tears for the beautiful way this was written. The amount of love in that home is amazing. Thank you for sharing all of this with us and thank you for all of the pictures. My prayers continue to be with you all.

  4. It’s reassuring to know God loves these children even more than we do, and He is teaching them His love through happy times and in sad times. Wonderful they can feel peace and strength through such sadness and loss. God is good always and thru anything.


    1. yes it is always in God’s hands and without that knowledge I’d crumble. But because of it I can sing and rejoice.

  5. One of my favorite memories of time with KS kids was watching Musa quietly work and care for others. He did it on his own accord and with great love. He inspires me.

  6. I have just finished reading all the emails… cheeks soaked and eyes still full… so sorry Tonya for all the pain that surrounds the death of a loved one…so little. I have continually prayed for you, the children, the staff, and Bonny’s family. As I was reading my bible this morning my eyes fell on a verse…”Wondrously show Your loving kindness…” Ps 17:7 Oh how I wish I could adequately share my heart with you. Having suffered through the loss of a 6 year old friend I know this type of loss and its consuming pain. I also know…Praise Him… the peace He bestows. It sustains… miraculously. Gods loving kindness a reality… my prayer is for all who mourn to experience this as never before. I cant have thoughts far from you and the Kiraboo Seeds family. My love to you Tonya. BTW…loved the pics of Indy and Jones!

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