16 thoughts on “Mourning.”

  1. Beautiful pictures. Could barely see through the tears as I pulled up the pictures Phiona posted earlier. We are all devastated, but so blessed to know that Boniface confessed Christ as Lord and loved Him with all of his heart!

  2. Dearest Tonya, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m sure I cannot understand how it might feel but I have an idea how sad and torn one might feel for such tragedy. I hope you will recover and move on from this event. My deepest condolences. I hope no other children or you will have to face the same pain again.

  3. Tonya, Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your precious Boniface. Losing my mom, who was by best friend, just a few months ago makes me aware of your feeling of “finalness” this side of Heaven.Your grief is a tangible way of showing your love for a child who was blessed in the past couple years by your love and sacrifice. How you changed a life, and how he must of blessed you with his. “I can only Imagine” by MercyMe helps me to visualize the glory they are Mom and Boniface are experiencing right now. My mom was “Nanny” to many children whom she babysat over 20 years, so I can envision her holding Boniface as if he was her own, as they experience the joy of dancing at the feet of our Savior. Love and hugs to you.

    1. Thank you for your kindness and for following our stories of our family in Uganda. We are hanging onto the hand of God to get through our sorrow.

  4. As I look through these beautiful photographs of Boniface, the one with his Legos grips my heart. My own three darling brown boys are at the moment building in similar fashion, and it hits home how precious life and these moments are. I am so thankful – so thankful – that Boniface experienced the love, joy, and godly guidance offered through the Kirabo Seeds ministry this side of Heaven, and can only imagine the joy he now feels! But I pray for the children and those who loved him who are left behind.

  5. Tonya, please know you are all in my prayers. When a child dies it is a loss no one can be prepared for. We can only go thru it moment by moment, and breath by breath. I know you are all being held close by God and each other. You have my my love, please let the boys and Kira know they are also loved…..Mary

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