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    1. thank you. The team is at the burial and experiencing grief in community as only Africa…Uganda can do. It’s what I love so much about their culture. They are together which is better than all of us here and far removed from the fellowship of loss. Our children are experiencing Jesus’ salvation. They have no fear for Boniface, only tears for their own loss. This will grow their faith.

    1. thank you Beth. I welcome and appreciate your love for our family in Uganda. We are sad and rejoicing all at once. Such an odd experience but God alone continues to stretch us to see his glory.

  1. Oh Tonya, I’m just so sad. Weeping. Hold the LaTorres and the staff and children of Kirabo Seeds in your arms so very tightly, o Lord. Let them know your presence in very real ways. I love u T. If you go there maybe I can fly with u for a short time. Hugs v

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    1. thank you sweet sister. I only wish we could hug and cry together now. You know as well as I what a sweet happy spirit this boy carried on this earth. I can only hope he is drumming for the angels in heaven. The Africans have a way with drums that even heaven will appreciate.

  2. Tonya, our family is so heartbroken for the loss of Boniface! We will be praying for your family and our sweet Kirabo Seeds family! Thank you Jesus that we live with such hope of a joyous reunion someday!

    1. thank you Erin and Jeff. I know your family made an impact on his life and his life now makes an impact on our ministry. We will now forever understand the urgency of having our salvation secure in Christ. And to know Boniface is home with the Lord and experiencing the glory of heaven gives us reason to rejoice.

  3. Dear Tonya,
    So heartbreaking to hear about the death of Boniface. There is nothing worse than the death of a child. The people who loved him will never stop mourning him but will take comfort in knowing we will see him again in his beautiful and glorious body. I will be praying for you, your family in Texas and Uganda.
    All my love and prayers,

    1. thank you Emily. We are experiencing grief that splits us wide open. At the same time we are rejoicing that he is with our Savior Jesus Christ. This emotion doesn’t have a word, it can only be experienced by Christians facing a loss. I praise God for continuing to teach and guide us in orphan care even as He takes a beloved child home with Him.

  4. Dear Tonya, I am so sorry for the loss of your little boy, Boniface. How devastating for you all to experience this kind of loss, you and Craig as parents and the kids, being so young and finding it hard to understand. I know your faith helps you all and I am thankful for that for you all. I will be praying for you all and know you are always in my heart. Love, Mary

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