Drama Mama with the Hair

6 thoughts on “Drama Mama with the Hair”

    1. she’d give you all her thoughts if you just ask. She’s quite mouthy and a lot of sass comes out until my jaw drops, then she pours honey to steady me. She is her own girl!

  1. Yup, getting that hair done is an accomplishment!! My girl is begging for me to do her “long braids”, but I haven’t lined up the 4+ hours I’m going to need. But it is sooo nice that “done” it lasts so long! We get 6-8 weeks out of it, re-doing a half-dozen front braids after a few weeks.

    1. thanks! it is a nice little bonding time for us. I think that’s why I resist having a professional do it for her. Up til now she wouldn’t let anyone strange touch her, but she’s getting better about that and I still haven’t taken the step towards a professional hairdresser.

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