Posted by: tonyalatorre | January 15, 2014

10 Inspirations from Kirabo Seeds Uganda

1. Excellent manners and respect for adults are used without exception. American kids don’t kneel before me to thank me for a new T-shirt. I don’t get a big welcome hug each time I return home. And no one I know endures a moment of hunger to be able to eat together. Put downs aren’t allowed or practiced.

2.They practice using a second language everyday. I always respect those who strive to become fluent in a second language. It’s a lot of information to put into our brain and it requires so much effort and determination.

3. They prefer to work in community than alone. Eighteen people in one van doesn’t phase them. Having partners and groups all day to accomplish jobs is natural. There’s always a friend to play with. There’s no such thing as loneliness here.

our group photo before outreach

our group photo before outreach

4.Nothing is wasted. There’s the smallest pile of trash coming from a house that feeds 24 people! Everything is used again and recycled. There isn’t an organization teaching them to do this, it is the way they live.

5. Everyone has a job and no one complains. There’s a chore chart and each member knows what they have to do that day. I’ve never once seen a sourpuss face doing chores.

washing dishes

washing dishes

6. They want to have praise and worship every day. There is church at our house after bathing and it is the highlight of the day.

7. There is constant laughter. Walking on the road towards our home we can hear chatter and laughter every time we approach. It should be called the “happy house”.

musa laughing

musa laughing

8. Creative independent thinking is encouraged and practiced. We have books, puzzles, games, and crafts. They are always engaged in some brain building and problem solving activity.

9. They share an uncommon love. Considering their wretched backgrounds, and being total strangers two years ago, these children are bound in the uncommon love that comes only from the source of God. They easily express compassion and concern for one another. There are no cliques or conflicts. It is beautiful.

10. It is always evident that God is present. It is just something that we feel and cannot explain but I challenge anyone to deny it when they visit our home.

kira and lawrence hugging

kira and lawrence hugging

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  1. They are so precious and see so grown up from just 18 months ago. I can’t wait to hug them again. And I love that Rhonah is on Angela’s hip! :)

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