Thief! Help!…wait…don’t help.

3 thoughts on “Thief! Help!…wait…don’t help.”

  1. God seems to teach you a lesson each time you are in Uganda at the same time you are teaching the children lessons in life…glad to see all of you learning and growing from them! so glad you can be comfortable while being with your family there. Enjoy your time but be careful.

  2. So thankful that you weren’t hurt dear Tonya, and I’m sorry that you lost your precious necklace. It is awesome that you see a message that comes from the thief, and that you can teach the children from it. I learn so much from you! I pray for you and the children’s health and safety, much love from the Neel family !

  3. Oh Tonya, I am so sorry for the loss of your necklace, but so thankful that you weren’t seriously hurt!! You have seriously touched me with the story. Such a reminder of God’s grace and how none of us deserve that which was so lavishly bestowed upon us. I am really enjoying your blog and learning about your mission/family there in Uganda. I hope to have time soon to dig back into the archives to see what I’ve missed 🙂

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