Adopting later in life…an honor and joy

3 thoughts on “Adopting later in life…an honor and joy”

  1. Kira is so beautiful and seems absolutely cherished by your family. I hope that there is a day that we can all return to the lake (though we may need more than one house next time!) and meet this very special daughter of yours. I would love to see her impression of you! I have a friend who is expecting her 8th grandchild and has been praying about the expansion of her family and the need for an expansion of her home. They are not much older than us and have 11 children. The 8 grandchildren are from their first 3 children and another daughter is due to marry this summer! I’ll see her tomorrow night and share the bible verse with her. Thank you for the reminder that, through prayer, God has always provided for our needs.

  2. My parents adopted me when they were older and I never really made the connection to their age until I was older. Now that I’m in my mid-30’s and they are in their early 80’s, I see the wisdom people have in adopting later in life. Though they are still quite active, I do worry about not having the means or time to take care of them should they become seriously ill or injured.

  3. such a beautiful story! She has had an impact on all of us..I just can’t wait to see how God will use her for both her native country and her adoptive country, the U.S. God has chosen your family to raise her and you are all lovingly preparing her. God’s blessing on all of you.
    Mom L.

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