Parenting the folly of 16 children.

3 thoughts on “Parenting the folly of 16 children.”

  1. I only wish I could handle my tiny family one tenth as well as you. Inspiring ! Loved reading this and will definitely learn from it. I do know it was hard to hear all of this with a straight face, and I only have 2 boys !!!

  2. I love the emphasis on their hearts as well as their actions. Ted Tripp in his book Shepherding Your Childs’ Heart says that if we only look at actions we create little white washes tombs out of our children. Bold but true. That’s why I like your emphasis on both actions and heart. I did the same with my kiddos as u did. Lots of grumpy hugs but they became sweet hugs after a while (no hand holding but I love that idea). 😉 I love the affirmation letters too. Can really be transformational in the life of a child to have the blessings and appreciation of others, and to learn to do the same. Can’t wait to meet these guys! Hugs v

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  3. Ewwww… as a Mom of all girls, whose most awful incidents were eating dirt out of the plant, and cutting a swatch of hair off themselves, all I can say is ewwwww. When my kids at school begin to act up I assume they do not have enough work, when I mention that…the bad behavior ceases amazingly

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