“As you Wish”

4 thoughts on ““As you Wish””

  1. So funny cuz my dream for the orphans in Mexico is to take them Legos. They have stuff which just gets literally ruined within a day and I know the Legos would be no exception. They’d get lost since you can’t ruin them. I’ve thought of taking a couple of blankets down along with our Legos and telling them they must stay on the blankets and keep them away from little ones who would undoubtedly ingest them. We’re trying to discern if that’s just too many rules which would be so foreign to them and spoil the fun. I’m going to write to v and d today or at least this weekend. Maybe we can chat in the next couple of weeks once you’ve caught your breath. Hugs v

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  2. This story makes me think we should all find the ‘lego’ in our life, get rid of all the toys that we do not need and work, change and reshape that ‘lego until we have perfected it and used it in a meaningful way for ourselves and others. Mom l

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