International adoption reflections

6 thoughts on “International adoption reflections”

  1. Praying for you, friend. We’ll be glad to have you back in the States. I hope and pray that Jim and I can join you this summer in Uganda. Oh, how I hope. Hugs, v

  2. Happy you are able to spend time with the kids and are getting to know them better. Hoping you can share more about raising a strong willed child – my youngest went back in line when strong wills were being handed out! We take a couple steps forward before she decides to make things a little more interesting.


    1. I will happily share all the lessons I am being taught about the strong will. Main thing: only pick a few battles and make sure you win consistently. No matter what you must win. We are in it together.

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  3. I appreciate your honesty. I’ve watched this struggle play out with my own friends and family and can relate with the unique challenges international adoption brings. I’m so thankful for all that you are doing and that God has placed Kira exactly where she belongs!

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