sweet sixteen?

5 thoughts on “sweet sixteen?”

  1. Hard to even find words for how to respond, friend T. Praying that the Holy Spirit inside of me will pray with groanings from God and not my own words, because I have none. Go, Tonya. Go, God! Hugs v

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  2. He is precious! The Lord is doing a great work in Uganda and He is using you in a big way. May the Lord continue to give you wisdom, strength and love as you seek Him in all that you are doing. These precious children are experiencing what true love is all about. It is great to hear how you have a wonderful and caring team of people who take care of the children.

  3. Just like what is said above, I have no words to respond. This post from you has deeply touched my heart. Thank you Tonya! Prayers for sweet precious Marvin, and I pray that he heals very quickly. I am sure, under your care, and the care of the people in your Ugandan home, that he will !

  4. I can’t believe that beautiful smile when he has gone thru such misery…may God bless him with the love and care he can recieve in your home. I will pray that he can stay. Mom L.

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