life in Uganda means community

3 thoughts on “life in Uganda means community”

  1. Hey Tonya and Kirabo family!!
    What wonderful stories and precious time you are all having together! Our family is following you each and every day! We head out for Uganda on Sunday and we can’t wait to meet your Kirabo family and make some precious memories loving Jesus together!!

  2. Tonya, I can appreciate what you say about community because we find that in Chile as well. Only, technology is indeed present here but still somehow the Chileans embrace time spent together. In fact, as I compared our arrival and departure from Chile and the USA, I realized that our Christian brothers and sisters in the States greeted and bid us farewell with gifts while our Chilean friends and fellow believers greeted and bid us farewell with time (and food!) Both are greatly appreciated and an expression of love, but certainly the latter (community) warms the heart in a special way.

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