ministry musing and insights

5 thoughts on “ministry musing and insights”

  1. It really breaks my heart and makes me cry, what all the children have been through! They all derserve the best of what God has for them. The first being the gift of eternal life, them knowing what Jesus has done for them, in shedding his blood for their sins, for all our sins! For without him we are nothing! and for them to become born again of water and of the spirit.The other being loved by people who will take the time to love them, and to notice that they even exsist! Education, clothes, food ect.. which you and your family are doing Tonya. and even though times get tough for you, you still choose to work with God and show these children unconditional love, despite the cost! I praise God that we can be a part of this and help out, and enjoy hearing of your journeys with these beautiful children along the way. Bless you and your family always and the children!.

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